Wednesday, 08 February 2023


Woodlands Woodworks offers a complete line of custom furniture products built especially for our clients.  From tables to bookcases to custom shelving and more, we strive to provide solid wood products from our vast stocks of reclaimed wood.

Flame Table

This unique table was built from the Princeton White Oak and had a unique coloring and flame pattern. Filled with epoxy, this naturally finished live edge table now resides in Pennsylvania.

Tiered Bookshelves

This specialty three tier bookcase and cabinet set offered a stunning arrangement to a dining room to store books and display curious. The wood was harvested from the Princeton White Oak after Hurricane Sandy.

Library Cabinets

We can build any custom cabinet that suits your needs. This particular cabinet set was built from maple and featured a TV Stand and side bookcases in a multi-tier fashion.

Office Built-In

This custom office was completely built to fit. It's made from top rate maple and was created to the exact specification of the happy owner.

Fireplace Bookcases

These two cabinets went on either side of a fireplace mantle to create a wonderful storage for those who love books.

Computer Stations

When the Lions Blind Center of Absecon needed customized computer stations we were there to provide thirteen robust workstations and a printer stand.

CD / DVD Racks

This CD/DVD Rack combined maple in a natural finish. The unit could hold up to 300 CDs and 200 DVDs

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Woodland Woodworks is the best. I have had them to my house twice already. The first time to remove a huge weeping willow that had fallen on my house. The second to start clearing out young trees that have taken over my yard. These ladies show up when they say they will, they work a full day, and leave you with a clean work site when done. Prices are reasonable. They are now my go to wood workers. I'll never go to anyone else. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give them a 15.
I had forgotten what a really comfortable well made pen is like.  When I grew up, we didn't have plastic 'icky' pens.  Your pen is absolutely amazing and I've found I really love writing again.
Our new bookcases are beautiful and fit in perfectly as they were made to order (color, size, etc) by Allison.
They are works of art, and the woods used are of such rarity that they are also treasures to have.  They are so beautiful (did I mention that already)
The wood this pen is made from Cocobola and it has beautiful sleek design, and just the right weight so my hand doesn't get cramped or tired when I have to write. Personally I love it - Thank you- Lori