Tuesday, 30 May 2023

Home Products

Woodlands offers several fine and different products for your home.  A few of the products we offer include Cutting Boards, Cheese Boards, Wine Bottle Stoppers, Wine Bottle Openers.  Check back often as we are constantly creating new items for your home.

Oak Cutting Board

This beautiful cutting board is made from 450+ year old oak and has a raised platform to allow for a bowl or pan to be inserted under the cutting board for easy chop loading.

Canary Wood Mirror

This mirror was built for an entryway to have a stunning home product. The wood was made from Canary Wood and the deep orange and brown hues were commented on consistently by guests.

Cutting Boards

Our elegant cutting boards will fit your kitchen perfectly. We offer custom sizes and shapes to bring about some of the most durable cutting boards available.

Wine Stoppers

Stainless Steel finished Wooden Wine Bottle stoppers are the perfect gift for your family, friends or boss. Elegant and reserved displaying some exotic woods that are sure to be enjoyed.

Small bowls

Custom small bowl suitable for pens, pencils or spices made from a gum tree

Curio Cabinets

Made to order curio cabinets that mount on your wall or sit on a shelf to display some of your finer items.

Cheese Boards

Looking for a conversation piece of an exotic wood cheese board? These boards are made in multiple sizes and are sure to be a topic of discussion when displayed.

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Woodland Woodworks is the best. I have had them to my house twice already. The first time to remove a huge weeping willow that had fallen on my house. The second to start clearing out young trees that have taken over my yard. These ladies show up when they say they will, they work a full day, and leave you with a clean work site when done. Prices are reasonable. They are now my go to wood workers. I'll never go to anyone else. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give them a 15.
I had forgotten what a really comfortable well made pen is like.  When I grew up, we didn't have plastic 'icky' pens.  Your pen is absolutely amazing and I've found I really love writing again.
Our new bookcases are beautiful and fit in perfectly as they were made to order (color, size, etc) by Allison.
They are works of art, and the woods used are of such rarity that they are also treasures to have.  They are so beautiful (did I mention that already)
The wood this pen is made from Cocobola and it has beautiful sleek design, and just the right weight so my hand doesn't get cramped or tired when I have to write. Personally I love it - Thank you- Lori