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Deanin Oak


Deanin Oak

"The Giant White Oak is located near Frystown, Bethel township on the dividing line between the properties of Paul Bahner (formerly the Herb Deck farm) and Curtist Batdorf.  It measures 16-3/4 feet in circumference and 5 feet 3-1/2 inches in diameter.  Mr. John Kitch of the Penna. Bureau of Forestry has estimated the tree to be over 300 years old or approximately 315 years; which means that this tree was already growing here when William Penn came in 1682.  It is impossible to know the exact age until the tree is cut and the annual rings counted.  The tree appears to be very healthy and since it is a “line tree” and barring any natural disasters, it could survive for many more years."

-: From the "History of Bethel and Tulpehocken Townships, Berks County Pennsylvania", 1976, Historical Committee of Northwestern Berks Bicentennnial Committee


Sadly, the Giant Oak was struck by lightening in 2008.  Damage to the tree, from the lightening strike and deterioration over the next 6 years, was extensive and the owner was afraid the trunk would fall & block the road to the farmhouse. Tree services were not willing to take on the job, until Allison took a look and decided to give it a try. 

The noble tree was timbered and harvested at the Deanin farm by Woodlands Woodworks in 2016/2017. In fact, it is a red oak, not white,  As one of the ancient oak trees of America, the trees rings that are remaining appear to be over 400 years old at a recent counting at approximately the 16 ft mark of the trunk. Accurate counting of the rings remains to be done using segments of the truck. .

Timbering the Great Oak Trunk:  



Allison was working on the bottom cut for almost a full day. With a 36" chainsaw, she was able to cut through the majority of the tree trunk. This tree trunk was in excess of 6ft!


Stump Removal

Deanin Oak Products

Oak Sliders

Oak Sliders

These magnificent stained glass windows were in need of framing in a sliding barn door style. The wood was utilized to produce a robust frame that wouldn't damage the heirloom stained glass panels

Cutting Board

Cutting Board

This is a drop through cutting board that allows for either cut goods or scrap to be slid of into a bowl or pan.

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Woodland Woodworks is the best. I have had them to my house twice already. The first time to remove a huge weeping willow that had fallen on my house. The second to start clearing out young trees that have taken over my yard. These ladies show up when they say they will, they work a full day, and leave you with a clean work site when done. Prices are reasonable. They are now my go to wood workers. I'll never go to anyone else. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give them a 15.
I had forgotten what a really comfortable well made pen is like.  When I grew up, we didn't have plastic 'icky' pens.  Your pen is absolutely amazing and I've found I really love writing again.
Our new bookcases are beautiful and fit in perfectly as they were made to order (color, size, etc) by Allison.
They are works of art, and the woods used are of such rarity that they are also treasures to have.  They are so beautiful (did I mention that already)
The wood this pen is made from Cocobola and it has beautiful sleek design, and just the right weight so my hand doesn't get cramped or tired when I have to write. Personally I love it - Thank you- Lori