Tuesday, 30 May 2023

Why do we Rescue Trees

PrincetonOakSmallIn todays fast paced world, trees are often though of as disposable and expendable.  Contractors will often come in and clear off land quickly to develop huge strip malls or property owners will have a downed tree with no idea what to do with them. The trees will be chipped up and thrown in a landfill.  Hundreds of years old, these invaluable trees are simply destroyed.  Even when some townships and cities recycle the chips, the massive loss of unique and hard to find hardwoods are becoming the norm.  The downstream effect is the woods are then expensive, not harvested from quality trees and are of lesser quality due to the wood industry having such a hard time finding older trees.

What is the Benefits to the Tree Donors, Community and Woodworkers

Benefits to Donors of Usable Trees 

  • Reduced costs of hauling / disposing of waste trees
  • The knowledge that they are contributing to the environment and the community
  • An opportunity promote good public relations news

Benefits to Woodworkers

  • The environment is helped by saving trees from burn piles and garbage dumps
  • We are provided with a broad spectrum of wood to use at a reduced cost
  • Your community is served with better tree usage and disposal
  • Valuable wood is recycled into useful items

Drawing from Woodlands inventory of rescued wood, Allison crafts custom designed furniture, cabinetry, office products and home products in her Northfield studio.

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Woodland Woodworks is the best. I have had them to my house twice already. The first time to remove a huge weeping willow that had fallen on my house. The second to start clearing out young trees that have taken over my yard. These ladies show up when they say they will, they work a full day, and leave you with a clean work site when done. Prices are reasonable. They are now my go to wood workers. I'll never go to anyone else. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give them a 15.
I had forgotten what a really comfortable well made pen is like.  When I grew up, we didn't have plastic 'icky' pens.  Your pen is absolutely amazing and I've found I really love writing again.
Our new bookcases are beautiful and fit in perfectly as they were made to order (color, size, etc) by Allison.
They are works of art, and the woods used are of such rarity that they are also treasures to have.  They are so beautiful (did I mention that already)
The wood this pen is made from Cocobola and it has beautiful sleek design, and just the right weight so my hand doesn't get cramped or tired when I have to write. Personally I love it - Thank you- Lori